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Exhibition at the Columbus Museum of Art
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           Selected photographs and books available at the following locations

       King Arts Complex Market Place   867 Mt. Vernon Avenue  614-645-5464
Ohio Craft Museum  1665 West Fifth Avenue  614-486-4402
        Celebrate Local Shop  3952 Townsfair Way  Easton Mall  614-471-6446

Artistic Impressions With Historical Significance

Exhibition and books available for museums, art galleries, libraries and cultural centers
Details available upon request

Gallery One:     Lifestyles of the African Diaspora
Gallery Two:     Columbus Remembered/Urban Landscapes
Gallery Three:   Pat Your Feet Clap Your Hands
Gallery Four:     Image Makers & Visionaries
Gallery Five:     Signs, Symbols & Messages
Gallery Six:       Americana/Sepia
Gallery Seven:  Abstract/Contemporary